Hales Energy

Mission Statement

For the very survival of this world - and in order to enable it to achieve its full potential whilst providing a safe and environmentally-secure home in which future generations will be able to flourish - adequate supplies of non-polluting RENEWABLE ENERGY and clean, DRINKABLE WATER are absolutely essential.

Hales Water Turbines Ltd., using the patented design of the Hales Turbine, will strive to produce a widening range of environmentally-benign, but highly effective, water-driven turbines for installation in �zero head� situations, such as those that are found at run-of-river locations and in the predictable, regular tidal flows of the seas and oceans.

The simple, but robust, configuration of the Hales Turbine (in its various forms) will be continually developed and promoted so as to enhance its suitability for the maximum number of applications, many of which will be undertaken in remote and undeveloped areas of the world - i.e. places where there is an urgent need for those two life-supporting components, RENEWABLE ENERGY and DRINKABLE WATER.

Market Entry 2015

Hales Water Turbines Ltd is bringing forward three new Hales Turbine ducted units, the 1MX1MHT, the IMX2MHT and the 2MX2MHT types. These new Micro-Generation Hales Turbines are designed to provide renewable and suitable energy at low cost and minimal self maintenance deployments in remote communities that remain off grid and wish to reduce their fossil fuel consumption.

View the Hales Turbine details on the associated blog or email us for further details.

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